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Randy Allen

Senior Minister

Randy has been the Senior Minister at Bethel Church of Christ since April of 2017. He and his wife Heidi have 5 kids and have served churches in Ohio, Oklahoma, and Colorado. 

With 5 kids and a fixer-upper house, Randy doesn't have time for many other hobbies, but has enjoyed disc golf, theater, and roasting his own coffee.


Carrie Rausch

Director of Children's Ministries

Carrie came on staff at Bethel in June of 2019. Carrie and her husband Levi have 3 teens who keep them all busy with sporting activities. 

British history, books and tv are Carrie's favorites. She also enjoys playing strategy games like Clue or Pandemic and researching her family's genealogy.


Channon Martin

Youth Minister

Channon has been the Youth Minister at Bethel Church of Christ since May of 2023. He and his wife Hannah have 2 kids and have worked with kids, youth and adults and found that all of them enjoy pizza.

Channon and his family love camp, playing board games, and videos games while mostly just Channon enjoys playing disc golf and guitar. Fun fact: Channon has seen all of Bluey (mostly against my will). Favorite verse: 1 Corinthians 10:31, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.


Mike Meeker

Pastoral Care Associate

Mike has always had a heart for taking care of people, and in 2018 Bethel brought Mike on staff to do just that. Mike makes his rounds around the region checking on members, and can regularly be found at any one of the regional hospitals. 

Mike and his wife Janet have 2 adult children. 


Tonya Smith

Administrative Assistant

Tonya came on staff at Bethel in February of 2019 to try to help keep Randy and the rest of the staff in line. 

Tonya and her husband Bill have 2 kids and can often be seen donning their blue at Allen East sporting events.

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